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Web marketing agency

Here, we do not believe in preconceived formulas, your ideas do not have to adapt to our model, but rather the opposite. Our business model consists in a custom-made approach for every client.

Forget the traditional agency approach, here it’s different. We believe in the importance of concordance in our strategic actions; we believe in 360 marketing.

Did you say musical branding ?
Gaz Métro becomes Énergir
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Did you say optimization ?
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Cost per conversion 81% cheaper than the industry average
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Did you say results ?
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Conversion rate 112% higher than the industry average
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Integrated services
What are we revolutionizing today ?
Many agencies boast of being multi-disciplinary, but do they really know what they are talking about ?

Lab Urbain is not only a communication agency, our team is made up of developers, directors, technicians, composers, musicians, programmers, a printing house, a recording studio, but above all our team is passionate about advertising !

We don’t need to outsource any element of your advertising campaign because we have all the tools you’ll need to create it, which saves you time and moneys.

Lab Urbain is all you need to take full advantage of today’s media and successfully accomplish an effective and strategic advertising campaign.

We will help you understand your target and reach it effectively, because after all, we are pros !